UK Average Salary trends for Digital Jobs Sept 2012

Lastest Salary Research: UK Digital Jobs Sept.2012

September average salaries for web developer, web designer and marketing  jobs are revealed in our latest survey.

Last quarter we commented on the decline in Online/Digital Marketing Manager average salaries and speculated whether this would “cross” with the average for Social Media Managers. It appears that the downward trend reversed itself slightly and Online/Digital Marketing managers retain the upper hand .. at least for now .

As SEO changes in its nature and complexity it appears that job titles  are reflecting this and “Specialist or Consultants” are on the upward trend compared to “Executives”

Average advertised UK Web Salaries  Sept. 2012 (£k)

Online/Digital Marketing Manager 39.7

Social Media Manager 36.6

 SEO Specialist/Consultant 31.4  Manager  34.7  Executive 24.1

 Affiliate Manager 32.8

Web Analytics/Analyst 37.8

Web Developer 34.0   Web Designer 27.9

Information Security 49.1

Web Analyst Salary Review

Web Analyst / Analytics Salary Review UK June 2012

Web Analytics and, increasingly,  Social Media Analytics should sit at the heart of effective digital marketing execution.

 The tools available to any web analyst these days are quite amazing in terms of both variety of function and cost effectiveness.  If an analyst is working in a large enterprise setup then the tools will tend to reflect this and often the more sophisticated ( and expensive) tools will be deployed – however in most situations a good analyst needs to research and then deploy tools from the vast array available ( from cheap to completely free)

 A good analyst not only understands the tools available and knows how to use them but (crucially) can produce results in a way (and with suitable explanation) that informs colleagues and gives them the information that guides activity in line with strategic objectives.


 Web Analytics  / Analyst

– 23% of sample salaries fell in this range (31-36)

– median salary range is £31-36k
– average salary  is £36.5k pa

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Affiliate Marketing Salaries UK

Affiliate Manager Salaries June 2012

Our analysis of Affiliate Manager  salaries over the last 12 months has shown a gradual decline ( it was £ 34.1k back in Dec 2011)

There are two distinct “steps” on the distribution graph for the 3 months to June 2012. By a large margin, most salaries  ( 62%) sit between £26k and £36k however a significant number (18% ) lie between £36k and £46k.

There are of course typically two sides to Affiliate management – either as the provider of affiliate technology and services , or as an operator of websites promoting affiliate deals to site users.

Affiliate  Manager

– median salary range is £31-36k
– average salary  is £32.6k pa

– 34% of our sample salaries fell in this range (26-31)

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Online Marketing Manager Salaries UK

Average Salaries Online (Digital) Marketing Manager June 2012

The distribution profile is relatively flat between £26k and £46k with 72% of all average salaries sitting between these figures.

The average salary is £39k at June however it is interesting to note that the average advertised salary for this job title was £42.4k just 3 months previously … a “blip” or the beginning of a trend ?

This is something we will certainly revisit next quarter in some detail.

Online / Digital Marketing Manager

– median salary range is £36-41k
– average salary for month is £39.0k pa

– 19% of our sample salaries fell in each of these two ranges (£26-31k and £31-36k)

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SEO Jobs Pay Statistics UK

SEO jobs average salaries June 2012

Whether you are looking for a new job in SEO or intending to hire in this area you would be well advised to check your job description against similar positions and choose your job title carefully.

The Search Engine Optimisation market has developed considerably over recent times. On-site optimisation (i.e. what you do to your own sites from an “ease of use” and search engine technical point of view) was pretty much the entire picture a few years ago. Nowadays effective “inbound marketing” brings you search traffic and online authority (i.e. inbound links and traffic from the places, other than your own sites, where you are discussed/referenced/followed etc.)

A good SEO specialist (whether on the client or agency side) really understands this and knows how to create the necessary interactions between content/site structure/colleagues to make sure that off site and onsite activities combine effectively.


SEO Manager

Average 35.7k,  Median Range 31-36k,  28% in 31-36k range

SEO Specialist / SEO Consultant

Average 30.9k,  Median Range 31-36k,  31% in 31-36k

SEO Executive

Average 25.5k, Median Range 21-26k,  43% in 21-26k

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Average Salary Levels Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Managers Ave. Salaries UK June 2012

Over the last 12 months, Social Media Manager average salaries have proven to be robust with a very gradual upwards movement towards the current £36.4k average.

The Social Media phenomenon has undoubtedly created (for many organisations) an opportunity to not only grow their customer /follower base but also understand it far better. However  not every organisation has a social media success story to tell. For many, inappropriate use of social media platforms has brought confusion and, at worse, harm to those lacking clear strategic social media strategy.

Perhaps the fact that the graph shows a rather “ragged” distribution of salaries is a pointer to the fact that a minority of organisations have realised that smart/experienced/strategic Social Media Managers command salaries that are at a much higher level than the average?
Social Media Manager

– median salary range is £31-36k
– average salary is £36.4k pa

– 26% of our sample salaries fell in this range (31-36)

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Web Design Jobs Payscales UK

Web Designer Average Salaries June 2012

The graph below is a “snapshot” of average salaries for those Website Design jobs (UK) that we sampled in June. The average salary for the month was £27.9k .

Our historic data shows that  average salaries have been slipping since Sept 2011 (when the average was £29.3k). Design briefs have changed from the early days of the internet when stand-alone, brochure websites looked for lots of “flash”. Nowadays many would say that function, speed and simplicity of use are more important than design however is that really true? In our opinion great design is as important as it ever was. Clever, impactful design that still complies with the rigours of efficient SEO is often a key differential when it comes to standing out from your competitors. The internet is a very crowded place and design can make a real difference as part of your competitive strategy.

For comparison, the data has been set alongside equivalent data for Web Development positions.

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Web Developer Jobs payscales June 2012

Web Dev Jobs average pay – UK

Placing Web Developer and Web Designer salary distributions “side by side” presents an interesting comparison of the relative financial worth of the jobs (June 2012)

The median salary ranges are actually the same however there is clearly a higher end distribution pattern for Developers and this is reflected in the higher average salary.

Over the last year both job titles have suffered a down trend in averages . (At Sept 2011, Designer average £29.3k and Developer average £33.2k)

Web Developer

– median salary range is £26-31k
– average salary for month is £32.1k pa

Web Designer

– median salary range is £26-31k
– average salary for month is £27.9k pa

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Web Jobs Average Salaries Report June 2012

June 2012 Review of Average Web Job Salaries UK

With a full year of data behind us the average salary graphs are revealing some interesting trends. Information Security has consistently returned high (and still rising) average salaries and Social Media and  SEO jobs also display resiliance even throughout these tough economic times in the U.K.

A role which struggled badly over the last quarter to maintain its average is Online (Digital) Marketing Manager ( ..we sample both job titles) At this rate of decline it would be overtaken by the Social Media Management role … which (if it happens) would tell us much about how the market sees the importance of strong management in social media marketing. (Check out our Resources section to see a Profile report each quarter end for a variety of roles)

Average advertised UK Web Salaries June 2012 (£k)

Online/Digital Marketing Manager 39.0

Social Media Manager 36.4

SEO Specialist/Consultant 30.9  Manager  35.7  Executive 25.5

Affiliate Manager 32.6

Web Analytics/Analyst 36.5

Web Developer 32.1   Web Designer 27.9

Information Security 50.3

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WebJobs Salary Averages May 2012

Salary Averages for WebJobs May 2012

May 2012 data reveals some interesting  movements in average salaries for Web Analysts (down), Digital Marketing Managers (down), and Social Media Managers (up). SEO Manager average salaries have shown a gentle but consistent upswing over 3 months now.

Looking at a month in isolation can be misleading (as the charts show) however it will be interesting to see if these movements reverse over the next couple of months.

Average advertised UK Web Salaries May 2012 (£k)
Online/Digital Marketing Manager 40.0 ;  Social Media Manager 37.7 ; SEO Specialist/Consultant 30.5 ; SEO Manager  36.0 ; SEO Executive 25.0 ; Affiliate Manager 32.8 ; Web Analytics/Analyst 36.5 ; Web Developer 32.7 ; Web Designer 27.8 ; Information Security 48.9